“Proud of my growth” – Three young people share their West London Zone journey

A lot can change in two years, especially for those children and young people on the West London Zone programme. Danny, Isabella, and Liliana share their journeys with us – they each have a story to tell. We also hear from their Link Workers, who play a vital role in their stories towards success. Read more

Bringing the community together again - in all weathers

This summer saw the return of our “Community Fun Days”, in all of the four boroughs we work in. Read more

A SEA change by the sea? Taking WLZ out of London

Starting on the White City estate in 2015, West London Zone has grown and developed to now working in almost 50 schools today. Read more

West London: a city within a city

As part of a week of celebration, students from William Morris Sixth Form were invited to take part in a film project about their local area of Hammersmith, in West London. Read more

The power of deep listening

As Link Workers, we work to listen deeply to each child and offer empathy so that they feel truly heard and understood. Read more

My role as People and Culture Director

My role as People and Culture Director is to support West London Zone’s ambitious growth and impact strategy while ensuring that it remains a great place to work. Read more

How we work with schools to identify young people for the WLZ programme

In September, we had more children and young people joining the programme than ever before, and as we grow our identification process becomes more and more important. Read more

Bank of America and West London Zone: Clearly Communicating Impact

Creating a balance between being clear, and maintaining our focus on accuracy when communicating our impact externally. Read more

Engaging and building relationships with new families

As a Link Worker, building and maintaining relationships with parents and carers is key to the success of the programme. Read more

Collaboration, coordination and collective impact

Kate Welsh, Head of Partnerships, highlights how our Collective Impact model relies on a coordinated effort and constant communication. Read more

Literacy support bringing schools together across our community

This year, we are continuing to look at new ways to actively join up our local community to provide the best support for young people growing up here. Read more