Learning new skills to reach academic success – Fatima's journey to smashing her SATs

Fatima had all the capabilities to succeed in her SATs exams and become a great leader but her academic attainment and low confidence was preventing her excelling. With after school maths support and a joined up approach to developing a positive mindset, Fatima is now looking forward to tackling any challenge. Read more

Finding his way – Nathaniel develops a new confidence in the classroom

After relocating to the UK, Nathaniel struggled to find his confidence which was having an impact on his learning and ability to make friends. Read more about how his Link Worker empowered him to try new things and pursue opportunities in the community. Read more

Opening up about challenges – Thomas becomes more aware of his emotional wellbeing

On the surface, Thomas was actively engaging in a wide range of opportunities at school, but at the core, his emotional wellbeing was affecting how he felt about coming to school. With the support of his Link Worker, Charlotte, Thomas developed ways to feel more confident in the classroom. Read more

Achieving her goals – Katie flourishes with football

Katie's mother and teachers had increasing concerns that she was disengaging both at home and at school. Thanks to the longevity of the West London Zone programme and Katie's determination, she is now scoring in more ways than one. Read more

Stilt-walking to success – Shana’s Story

Shana struggled with her confidence, but learning to walk on stilts was just one moment that helped her overcome her fears. While on our programme, she formed a trusted relationship with her Link Worker, Seema, and developed skills that will help her overcome any barrier. Read more

Realising her potential – Gabriela redefines her school identity

Gabriela was stuck in a cycle of poor self-belief, impacting how she felt about learning. With tailored support from Link Worker, Robyn, Gabriela now loves reading and is excited to apply what she has learned to her next chapter in Year 7. Read more

Building positive wellbeing – Rayanah’s journey to a positive sense of self

Rayanah’s low academic attainment was greatly affecting her emotional wellbeing and confidence in the classroom. With the support of her Link Worker, Robyn, Rayanah is now meeting age-related expectations in maths and reading and has a more positive attitude to school. Read more

Keeping focussed on his goals – Ollie builds his emotional resilience

Ollie found it difficult to concentrate in class, and his poor emotional wellbeing meant that he struggled to communicate with his teachers and peers. With the support of his Link Worker, Fardowsa, who linked him to confidence-building activities and a counsellor, Ollie is now able to engage in class and build positive relationships with adults and friends. Read more

Building a broad foundation – Ben progresses in academics and attendance

Ben was struggling in the classroom, which was affecting his attendance and his peer relationships. By using a broad range of creative and academic support, Ben soon changed his outlook on school which had a knock-on effect on his academics and attendance Read more

Reclaiming her self-confidence – Rosie’s West London Zone journey

Rosie's low attendance and lack of self-belief was preventing her from unlocking her future potential. With the support of Link Worker, Joyce and confidence-boosting Delivery Partners she now feels ready to take on new challenges. Read more

On the road to progress – Jack’s journey on the WLZ programme

Jack was below his reading and writing age and struggled with a lack of confidence. Thanks to a joined up system of support on the West London Zone programme, he is now on the road to improved academics and a happier school experience Read more

How getting back on track academically led to a new direction – Rhiannon pursues her aspirations

Rhiannon was struggling with her academics which contributed to a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Through working with her Link Worker and WLZ Delivery Partners, Rhiannon gained the courage to pursue a different academic path Read more