We believe every young person can grow up to achieve their goals, and make their community an even better place for their friends, families, and neighbours.

That’s why we are working with children in schools across Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Brent and City of Westminster to help them achieve their potential and flourish in adulthood.



Offering more opportunities to children living in our Zone

Children who grow up in our community sometimes don't have access to the opportunities that will help prepare them for growing up and achieving their goals. This is where West London Zone steps in. We work hard with schools to find the children in our Zone who might benefit most from additional opportunities and support.

We aim for the children we work with to progress in all aspects of life in order to thrive. We support their overall development, focussing on their wellbeing, confidence, relationships and academic attainment. These are the things that will put them on track to flourish into adulthood.


Bringing together all of the resources available in the area

As we are part of a vibrant community, we bring together the best of what is already available locally - supporting young people to make the most of west London's assets, as well as finding and funding other charities to deliver programmes locally to West London Zone children when needed.

To support the 'whole child' in their development, we commission over 40 charities working in our Zone to carry out specialist support sessions to deliver personalised support to every child jointly with us. Our partners offer a broad range of options including homework support, tutoring, sports, dance, counselling, art or gardening.

We work to ensure that the whole community – families, schools, charities, local government, community groups – is joined up around the child to support them growing up in our Zone.


Ensuring all children have the opportunity to reach their goals

West London Zone ensures that each child on our programme has a Link Worker, who works with them and their family to develop their individual support plan and acts as a 'trusted adult' to guide them through their support.

Link Workers form a deep relationship with each child; they are based at school and engage with each child regularly throughout the school day. They coordinate the children's support from our partners, feed back to the school and the child's family, track their achievements and empower them to achieve their goals. Link Workers support children and their families to engage with our programme, their school and their community.

We strive to make sure that each child on our programme reaches the next stage of their life fully prepared; be it transitioning from nursery to primary, or primary to secondary, to sitting their GCSEs or A Levels with all the tools in hand and a plan for adulthood.