Working with parents is key to supporting young people

To ensure that the young people we work with achieve their goals, build positive relationships and go on to thrive in adulthood, working closely with parents is essential. Read more

Creating a network of local support

Why our value of local is just as meaningful to us when it comes to our supporters. Read more

Why I'm excited to be starting at West London Zone

Like all of my new colleagues at West London Zone, I believe that all children have the potential to thrive with the right support. Read more

Why local is important

5 years on, we have started to re-examine how we can ensure we continue to reflect and improve on our value of being ‘Local’. Read more

Using data to identify which young people would benefit from our support the most

Every year, we work with schools and use data to identify new children and young people to join our two-year programme. This data enables us to identify children who could benefit most from our support. Read more

Understanding our West London community with DataKind UK and Bank of America

In partnership with DataKind UK and Bank of America, we conducted our first-ever DataDive to generate new insights into the children and young people that live in our Zone. Read more

We must support children’s emotional wellbeing from an early age

As we start to better understand the full impact of COVID-19 on the West London community, it is clear that a renewed focus on supporting children’s emotional wellbeing early on is critical. Read more

How can we continue to focus on outcomes when a pandemic hits?

Since COVID-19 struck, collaborative working and trust have never been more important. Read more

The reality of returning to school

“The announcement that children were able to come back to school was one of the best pieces of news that Boris has given us all year! Having said that, the return to bubbles, 1 metre distancing and rows of tables have made it difficult.” Read more

Our deep data analysis is shaping our programme and improving our impact

Our outcomes-based funding model requires a data-driven approach providing evidence of impact for payment, but it is the deep data dives that provide the insights we need to constantly improve our programme design. Read more

Children need personalised specialist support to catch up

Personalised specialist support is needed now more than ever. Read more