We believe every young person can grow up to achieve their goals, and make their community an even better place for their friends, families and neighbours.

West London Zone offers children and young people access to new opportunities in their community.

We work with children and young people aged 3 to 18 who would benefit from additional support and opportunities in order to fulfil their potential and flourish into adulthood. 

The WLZ programme is a 2-year, personalised and intensive package of support tailored to each child's unique strengths, needs and aspirations.


Working with the children who can benefit the most

We work with schools to identify the children who might benefit most from our support using the data they collect about academic performance and school attendance. We also work with teachers and other school staff to combine this data analysis with their knowledge about each individual child. We then aim to verify this through our 'My Voice' survey.

West London Zone creates personalised and intensive support programmes for each individual child over a 2-year period, tailored to their unique strengths, needs and aspirations. 


Personalised support for each child

Each child's Individual Support Plan aims for them to progress in all aspects of life - wellbeing, confidence, relationships and academic achievement. Their support is tailored to their unique strengths and goals, meaning their plan is truly personalised. You can read about how we measure our impact across these areas.

With their WLZ Link Worker, each young person and their family works out a plan for how they will achieve their goals. This focuses them on what they are already good at and how they want to develop, as well as identifying any areas where they might want some extra help.



Link Workers

Each child has a WLZ Link Worker. They act as a 'trusted adult' and guide them through their programme. Link Workers are based in schools in order to be present and visible anytime the children might need them.

As well as coordinating and continuously adjusting each child’s support, Link Workers meet regularly with each child to track their progress and talk about their aspirations.

While empowering young people to set goals and work towards achieving them, Link Workers encourage them and their families to engage with the programme, their school and their community.


Our partnership of charities

We work with a partnership of charities to provide the right support for WLZ children to progress in all aspects of their lives. Our partners deliver support in or out of school to groups, or to individual children.

Our partnership provides everything young people need to develop their skills and expand their horizons – from sports to street dance, maths to mentoring, engineering to art. And if they ever need someone to talk to, their Link Worker is always there for them.

There are a lot of different parts to a child’s life: family, friends, school, community. By working together, we focus on what really matters: making sure every child has a good start in life.