In summer 2019, our second cohort of nearly 300 children finished their two-year WLZ programmes. Our results show that the continual refinements we are making to our programme are achieving better and better outcomes for children, and are helping them to improve their wellbeing. As this was the first large group to finish the full 2-year programme, these results set a benchmark for future years.  

Wellbeing Outcomes

Our first three outcome areas address the issues in a child’s life that can result in poor wellbeing. In these outcome areas we aim for children to cross a threshold so they are no longer at risk, although demonstrating improvement but not managing to cross the threshold is also a positive change that will help move them towards an improved trajectory into adulthood. 

The charts represent the children who were at risk in each outcome area at the start of the programme, and the proportion of whom either improved (shaded fill) or additionally crossed the threshold to no longer be at risk (solid fill).

Attainment Outcomes

Our fourth outcome area is school attainment, which we split between English (or reading at primary age) and maths. For this outcome, ‘improvement’ shows children who have made above expected progress, meaning that during their WLZ programme their academic trajectory improved.

These charts represent the children who were at risk at the start of the programme, and the proportion whose trajectory improved. 

We believe that to provide all of the support a child needs, we must provide a complete package to help build their skills and strengths. We work to the four key outcome areas in our results which we believe will do this.

Outcomes Framework

These results show their improvement against the West London Zone outcomes framework.

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Since our pilot in 2015 we have supported over 1,000 children, aiming to put them on track to flourish as adults. We’ve learnt a lot from working with each child, and have developed our programme along the way. 

We now have a partnership of over 45 specialist delivery partners, 25 schools and a varied group of dedicated funders, all of whom are working together to support children in our Zone.

We use feedback from young people, families, and schools (and the data we collect) to constantly refine our programme to spark a positive change for these young people to help them reach their goals. Over the long term, we aim to change the narrative for an entire generation of young people, and so that we can track that over time, we set ourselves up from the beginning to measure and demonstrate the impact on every single child we work with, one child at a time.

The best way to see the real impact of our work is to hear from the children we work with in our film, or read our stories of success. You can see the full results for the first group of children to complete our 2-year programme in our Collective Impact in Practice report, and the full results from our second group of finishers can be read here.