Since our pilot in 2015 we have supported over 900 children, aiming to put them on track to flourish as adults. We’ve learnt a lot from working with each child, and have developed our programme along the way.

WLZ children have really improved in a variety of areas, whether that be in schoolwork, wellbeing, confidence or relationships. For instance, 65% of children who finished their programme in summer 2018 who were at risk of poor mental health are no longer likely to suffer from it, a huge change that will ripple out in other parts of their life and into their community.

We now have a partnership of over 35 specialist delivery partners, 21 schools and a group of dedicated funders, all of whom are working together to support children in our Zone.

And we know we can do even better in the years to come. We use feedback from young people, families, and schools (and the data we collect) to constantly refine our programme to spark a positive change for these young people.

The best way to see the real impact of our work is to hear from the children we work with in our film, or read our stories of success. You can see the full results for the first group of children to complete our 2-year programme in our Collective Impact in Practice report.