Our Zone spans the community in West London around the Harrow Road: roughly three square miles covering parts of Hammersmith, Kensington, Brent and Westminster.


We currently work with 883 children and young people in 33 settings including nurseries, primaries, secondaries and sixth form colleges across our Zone.

We work in partnership with charities, families, schools and others in our community to focus the right support around the specific needs of children growing up in our area in west London.

We are growing so we can be truly 'deep' in our place - supporting children across the Zone and working in a critical mass of schools to impact a generation of young people. Having started in north Hammersmith in 2016 and north Kensington in 2017, we expanded into Brent and Westminster in 2019. We aim to support 3,000 children and young people across our Zone by 2023.

We have a big ambition - and we are focused on one place. By working with delivery partners and local people, we think it is possible to enable all children in our area to have access to the support they need to to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

For more information on the schools with which we currently work, please visit our Schools page.