Farial was one of West London Zone’s first Link Workers.  She has been based in Phoenix Academy since our Pilot in 2015. To date, she has supported 112 children in her setting. Farial works directly with these children, building strong relationships with them, and provides access to additional opportunities via our partner charities.



Having grown up in this community, Farial actually attended Phoenix Academy herself - where she eventually became Head Girl. Children and young people in this area see Farial as one of their own, and not only have they seen her achieve success - attending a Russel Group university, for instance - but they have seen her return to give something back. Farial has worked as a mentor, a youth worker, and now as a Link Worker, dedicating her professional life to improving the life chances of young people in the community where she herself is from.

As a testament to Farial’s dedication to the children and families she works with, she received a Leap Award in 2017 as well as being nominated as runner-up for the Hammersmith and Fulham Young People's Achievements Award in 2018.