Fortitude IV Team


We are really excited to be partnering with the Fortitude IV team, who are taking on the awe-inspiring challenge of rowing the Altantic in 2019. They will face weeks of physical exertion, storms, isolation and army rations, all in aid of WLZ.

Here is a message from Ollie, Hugh, Max and Tom - to whom we are highly grateful. For more information, or to sponsor the team, visit the Fortitude IV website!


The Challenge

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is the world’s toughest rowing race - over 3,000 miles unaided across the Atlantic Ocean.  More people have reached the summit of Everest or travelled into space than have successfully rowed an ocean.

In December 2019, Fortitude IV will depart La Gomera aiming to be the first team to reach Antigua, having navigated all of the challenges that the Atlantic Ocean can throw at us. 

We have known each other for most of our lives and will draw upon the trust we have in each other during the testing moments we will face during the crossing.  These friendships are supported by a common goal - to make a real difference to the lives of children living in West London.

By 2023, West London Zone plans to empower 3,000 children and young people across three square miles of inner West London, so that these children can grow up to achieve their goals and make their community an even better place for their friends, families, and neighbours.

To do this, West London Zone needs to raise over £6 million by 2023, we are proud to be helping them.

Ollie, Hugh, Max and Tom