Team Up tailors maths and English support to shift perspectives

Team Up is an education charity which provides small group tuition to under-achieving disadvantaged pupils in English and maths to boost both their skills and their confidence. Read more

Jamie's Farm uniquely blends farming, family therapy and legacy

Jamie’s Farm work closely with us to offer unique, preventive solutions to empower young people through farming and other essential life skills. Read more

Equal Education finds the common denominator in academic support

Equal Education is a social enterprise providing one-to-one tuition with a qualified teacher, to not only improve their attainment but improve their outcomes in life. Read more

The Clement James Centre help children achieve their full potential

The Clement James centre work to empower communities to release their potential and live fulfilled lives. They achieve this through education, employment and wellbeing support in a safe and compassionate space. Read more

AT The Bus provides the space for art therapy

Our Delivery Partners, AT The Bus is a creative therapeutic intervention that support the mental wellbeing of children and young people aged 5-16. Find out how their unique studio brings support directly to young people. Read more

Element encourages young creatives to explore their values and ambitions

Providing specialist support is a key part of our programme. One of our specialist support partners is Element, they deliver creative arts projects to help young people consider their strengths and ambitions. Read more

Bookmark gives children the reading skills they need to succeed

Many of the opportunities we provide are delivered through a partnership of local charities. One such partner, Bookmark, gives children the reading skills they need for a fair chance in life Read more