When WLZ Link Worker Sophia first met Amalia last year, her mother was concerned that her daughter did not have enough to do at the weekend and was keen for Amalia to participate in more extra-curricular activities.

Sophia and Amalia discussed the different activities she would like to try. Sophia explored the different opportunities in the local area and introduced Amalia to Saturday Karate classes as well as ‘Stitch and Print’ sessions at the Kite Studios.

As well as Karate and arts and crafts sessions on the weekends, Sophia has put Amalia on homework club partner support to improve her English.

Amalia has quite notably grown in confidence since starting these activities back in November 2017, and now has a very positive attitude towards learning and trying new things. She regularly tells Sophia how much she is enjoying learning Karate and her progress in moving up belts. Most impressive of all, she has recently won medals at a local competition.


“Thank you very much, without your support she couldn't come forward,” Amalia's mother