Our CEO Louisa Mitchell was invited to Catch22 Chairman’s event to celebrate what’s going well in reforming and improving public services, and unite around what we can do together to address our common challenges.  Along with other influential leaders from business, government and the social sector, the event's purpose was to share experience, expertise, and ambitions for the future.

During the evening, a panel of guests including Iqbal Wahhab, Social Entrepreneur and Chair of EQUAL, Louisa Mitchell CEO of West London Zone, Pamela Dow, Chief Reform Officer at Catch22 and Jim McKenna, Catch22 Chairman discussed:

  • what it means to be a not-for-profit provider in public service,
  • whether the distinctions between private, public and charity providers mean anything anymore, and if so what, and,
  • where we should best put our collective brains and resources.

Booking for this event has now closed.