Our Link Worker Farial first met Anar when he was in Year 8. He was really struggling with his attitude and controlling his anger, especially outside of school. Anar has three older sisters and a step brother but told Farial that he doesn't always get on well with his sisters because of the age gap, "They tell me what to do. I am good with them but they annoy me sometimes."

Together with Farial he set goals to address these issues, improving his grades and build his confidence. Farial supported him to achieve these by integrating different activities and support into his two-year programme with WLZ.

WLZ's academic tuition sessions with the Clement James Centre made a big difference in Anar's English and maths results. Farial additionally signed him up for Gardening Club, Drama Therapy as well as Football and Basketball with the London Sports Trust. At first, Anar did not like the idea of attending Gardening Club; however from the first session Anar became more and more engaged. The environment enabled him to feel relaxed and experience new things.

Through all of this extra support and activities, his confidence self-assessment improved by 20% and his recorded behaviour incidences dropped to nearly none.

Anar is now much more engaged with school and family. Teachers have mentioned that he is now more focused in lessons and more confident in speaking up and sharing his opinions.


“West London Zone helped me, it made a difference. I don’t want to get in trouble anymore. It helped in my grades. It helped me believe more in myself and with building confidence,” Anar